Beautiful beauty products... & Other Stories

I have no idea how good the actual products in this range are... if the mascara flakes or stays put, if the eye pencils are hard or creamy, whatever.

What I do know is that this range is gorgeous. It has a slightly messy chic look that's hard enough to capture with clothes and fashion and nearly impossible to do with beauty products without looking tatty.


The mix of white, lucite, serif and cursive fonts with suitably smeary (and unique) shots of the product is cool. I'm a big fan of real photography on packaging when it's done right... like it is here. & Other Stories has made a mid-range, achingly hip beauty brand that, perhaps, Topshop makeup wanted to be? As much as I do like Topshop, its makeup range is sort of missing the coveted edginess I see here. It feels a bit like Benefit's slightly less twee older sister.

& Other Stores Makeup.jpg

This range doesn't. Probably because it's been designed by teams in Paris and Stockholm. Now that I think of it, it does feel very French, doesn't it?


& Other Stories is a subsidiary of H&M, so not some indie cool company, but still pretty cool, mainstream brand or not. They also sell other brands that you might have seen in so-hip-it-hurts places like Colette... Uslu et al. 

Beauty is just one of the categories of merchandise made and sold by & Other Stories

Currently they're only in Europe. 

A day in the life...

Hair as done by Jolean at Tela Salon NYC

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How I broke a sweat this morning and tonight's workout....


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Things that appeared in my mailbox today.

BEAUTY STALKER | Haute beauty buys


  1. CHANEL ROUGE COCO IN LA PAUSAIt’s the perfect soft coral for lips during this first flush of spring.
  2. ESTEE LAUDER BERLIN RED MIRROR COMPACT | Because we love art in our everyday life and we particularly like a little bit of  bauhaus in our bag. 
  3. LA MER THE CONCENTRATE | We weren’t La Mer converts until we this... and now we can’t get enough. Skin looks and feels amazing immediately. We want to stockpile. 
  4. JO MALONE VITAMIN E BODY BALM | Because it smells like honied heaven and leaves your skin non-greasy, supple and looking like it’s in soft focus. 
  5. CHANEL LE VERNIS IN PARTICULIEREBecause griege is the word in the nails right now and it actually looks fantastic (and fashion forward) on. And GINGER AND LIZ CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET | This teeny tiny label from the US with some spectacular colours to rival the likes of other cult brands.
  6. HOURGLASS PRODIGY LIPGLOSS | The wafter-thin packaging is slim enough to fit into the pocket of even the skinniest jeans and it’s packed with the best non-sticky, mineral gloss.
  7. MV ORGANICS HAND RESCUE | Tangerine-scented SOS with Rosehip and Calendula to heal even the most chapped hands and cuticles. [not pictured]
  8. RMS "UN" COVER-UP | A revelation in raw beauty, it has transformed and simplified makeup. Use it as a concealer or base and rub it in like a moisturiser for a completely toxin-free, raw beauty glow that looks more natural than no makeup.
  9. JONATHAN WARD CANDLE | Beautiful British candles with tons of essential oils and a clean burn. We love the Moss.
  10. NATURE BISSE C+C VITAMIN SCRUB | How we love a bit of citrus in the spring. It’s refreshing and exfoliating.  
  11. SKINCEUTICALS C E FERULIC | This stuff will visibly brighten the skin, in a one-two anti-aging punch. 
  12. NATURE GIRL I AM WAVE BATH SALTS | Because it’s the best way to soothe sore muscles from our new exercise routine and relax after a long day of work. 
  13. RICH HIPPIE KALACHAKRA | Limited-edition and far beyond my regular budget, I am reveling in the subtle citrus and floral fragrance this tiny bottle packs. It’s surprisingly synthetic free.
  14. ELLIS FAAS ELLIS RED | Because the colour is striking on every single person I’ve seen apply it to date. Pure genius.