Better than a rubberband... Goody Spin Pins

I don't know where I first saw these, but I remember thinking "no way those would hold up my hair". How wrong I was. They're a game changer. You simply twist them into your style (I go perpendicular to one and other in a chignon, twist, top knot, side bun and possibly a Gibson roll) and they lock in place for ages. Overnight even.

They come in short and long, blonde and black. 

You think everything that could ever be invented has been invented... then all of a sudden it's not.

So simple yet the mind boggles. The Goody website, however, is not so simple.

Like a pixilated labyrinth.

Goody Spin Pins

COMPETITION: Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion


Read the review of Prtty Peaushun to find out more.

Terms and Conditions: Promotion open globally but excludes employees of Ellis Faas (or any retailers of Ellis Faas), their immediate families or anyone connected professionally with the promotion; Limited to one entry per household; Winners will be selected at random; Must be 16 years of age; Each winner receives one Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion; Promotion ends 12th August 2010. We DO NOT share your email or information with 3rd parties and dispose of it as soon as the promotion closes. Winner will be notified on, via the twitter feed and by email. 
Under Creative Commons License: 
Attribution Non-Commercial

TRAVEL TALES | May in New York Part II

We left you at The Summit Bar last night, did we? Well... RISE AND SHINE, beautiful! Day 2 of your 48 hours in New York and it's time for a session of energizing yoga at The Standard (a snip at $20). The hotel's just introduced their popular Miami yoga program to the Big Apple so you can practice with expert instructors overlooking the Hudson River. All comers welcome! And you'll need to limber up before the scrum that is the notorious, gilded beauty halls of New York.

The Bs (Henri Bendel, Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman) are like music to beauty-binging ears... Subterranean warrens are packed with the skincare secrets of the ladies who lunch. No beauty pilgrimage to New York would be complete with out wander and a gander at (and maybe take away) Ellis FaasTammy FenderTrish McEvoyTracie MartynEdward Bess and the limited edition Narciso Rodriguez palette.

And what would a trip to the

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TRAVEL TALES | May in New York Part I

AH... THERE are few things as lovely as Central Park on a sun-dappled spring morning. Joggers prancing by, coffee in hand (mine, not theirs)... It's on days like this that I yearn to live in New York. You too? Yeah, we all do, don't we?

Although, I'm quickly grounded by reality when I see the size of my mates' flats (tinier than London). But, every visit there is brilliant not least of all because of the beauty bounty to be had. Thus, we're giving you our quick and dirty guide to 48 hours of beauty in the Big Apple so that you too, should you be touching down in JFK soon, can experience some of the most amazing treatments and products in the world. Print this little black book of beauty and let the journey begin!

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JET-SET BEAUTY | La Mer The Concentrate

CREME DE LA MER, the equally lauded and vilified anti-ageing brand of choice among beauty slaves of a certain age and socioeconomic bracket, did not register on my personal beauty radar until early 2010. Yes, yes, I was aware of noise and ado about it all, whether it was worth the stratospheric asking price, whether it worked, blah, blah, blah. I was just not all that interested. That was until I tried The Concentrate and now, dear ladies, I sheepishly admit to you that I am hooked. Yes, that's right. Hooked. 

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JET-SET BEAUTY | Elemis Custom Flying Facial

BRITISH AIRWAYS Elemis Travel Spa at Heathrow's Terminal 3 is – if you can find it – an oasis of calm just steps away from the retail overkill that now typifies the captive experience on this side of airport security. It has an otherworldly, serene atmosphere as soon as you step through the threshold, and I am immediately handed a cucumber-infused glass of water by a soft-spoken receptionist who simultaneously and deftly helps a relaxed male passenger checkout (clearly, he'd just finished up at the spa).

The pint-sized treatment rooms here are separated by diaphanous (yet still opaque enough) curtains, each equipped with an Intelligent Massage Chair and the undulating walls and gently flowing coloured lights (in calming hues) of a real, luxury spa.

My chair is fully reclined, massage setting turned on (heaven on the calves before several hours of sitting) and the therapist spends a very relaxed 15 minutes cleansing, massaging and moisturising my skin so much so that it remains plumped all the way to JFK. A few sample tubes make their way into my carry-on too. If you plan ahead (booking in your own 15-minute treatment), you'll be able to ditch the dopp kit in your checked baggage instead of lugging it around the airport because Elemis will arm you with the requisite beauty weapons to battle cabin dryness.

All treatments are just 15 minutes so you won't accidentally miss a flight mid-massage. I suppose if you're really jet-set, you'd simply prop yourself up at your airline lounge bar having missed a flight, champers in hand, and wait for the next one. Or you could circle back to the Elemis Travel Spa for a second treatment on the very Intelligent Massage Chair.

Experience the Custom Flying Facial at Elemis's Travel Spa in Heathrow Terminal 3, Terminal 5 and JFK (Contact individual travel spas for pricing). 

JET-SET BEAUTY | Rich Hippie Kalachakra


AT $725 for half an ounce, Rich Hippie Kalachakra is not in the realm of financial possibility for most. However, this column is called JET-SET BEAUTY... the remit isn't to feature affordable things but jet-set beauty buys and I'm pretty sure this fits that criteria. Many would argue that it's ludicrous to pay so much for something when you could find a pretty good facsimile elsewhere for less. I don't care. If money were no object, I'd have regular baths in this stuff.

Back to the point... The Rich Hippie perfumes are pretty good at not smelling like organic hippies. You won't detect a hint of patchouli here. It's a beautiful warm citrus floral that gets more complex as it warms up on your skin.

The LA-based Rich Hippie ingredients are all natural (being California chic and all), made from organically farmed ingredients (rather rare for sophisticated scents) even using organic wine alcohol. Everything is made in tiny batches and limited edition (even more jet-set).

As expensive as gold but smells better... it's like your own little sliver of rich, famous and socially conscious LA.


JET-SET BEAUTY | Don't weep for out-of-work Angels... Miranda, Gisele, Heidi et al pay the bills with skincare



HEIDI KLUM, Cindy Crawford, Josie Maran, Christy Turlington... models and ex-models alike apparently know a thing or two about beauty and chemistry, or so it seems. Because they're the minds -- or at least the faces -- behind quite a few successful skincare ranges. Not one to rest on her holier-than-thou, childbirth-only-hurts-for-plebs haunches, Gisele launched a range of her own organic skincare goodness today called Sejaa.

Other out-of-work Victoria's Secret Angels don't need our sympathy either, as I recently found skincare company KORA by Miranda Kerr, the Australian amour of man-boy Orland Bloom. Like many of the other catwalk stalkers, her range is organic and she has a crap copy editor who uses words like NOURISH (how?)... REPLENISH (what?)... Give me a REAL verb. Words like nurture, nourish, replenish, boost et al make me foam at the mouth when I read beauty-related content littered with such meaningless fluff.

Kerr studied at the Academy of Natural Living (no word on whether there was a degree or any sort of professional certification received) so there is some background in the area, which is heartening to see. The price point is a shade high, there are 14 products including a tinted moisturiser. The 4 best sellers are the Rosehip oil, tinted moisturiser, foaming cleanser and body lotion.

But back to Sejaa Pure Skincare, the range by Gisele, which launched today. This is at least the 3rd line launched by an Angel and it's thankfully tiny. There's day cream, night cream and a mud mask (although I suspect Gisele uses a few more things). The ingredient lists, while not offensive the way some *organic* ingredient lists can be, are pretty bog standard. That said, I did espy Retinyl Palmitate about half way down the list on the night cream, and one of the main ingredients (read: number 2) in the day cream is Aloe, so on first appearance not all bad.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is this girl is very pretty (regardless of rhinoplasty, etc.) and charismatic -- naturally so -- and that comes across in the videos where she's actually putting on the cream (not something one sees all that much of on the other sites). Bet it'll be a huge hit in her native Brazil.

Lookout for JET-SET BEAUTY in this space every Monday for international and/or travel-friendly beauty finds.

How to wear Les Trompe-L'Oeil de CHANEL

TO BE dead honest, the last time I wore a temporary tattoo, I'm pretty sure I had to put a quarter into a machine for it first. And then had to open the plastic bubble in which it came, before extracting the generic heart/smiley face/shamrock... There's a very good chance I hadn't even hit double digits in life when I last donned one.

However, one of the world's most expert and consumate luxury brands has, in an ironic move, launched a set of temporary tattoos... all over the blogosphere, in the magazines and launched at Selfridges last friday, Les Trompe-L'oeil de CHANEL arrived on my doorstep two weeks ago but rather than write them up immediately, I've been ruminating on what do to with them, exactly.

Yes, I hear those eyes rolling in their sockets... I know I'm supposed to put them on my skin, thank you. But, I don't know... wearing them conventionally just didn't seem right. I acknowledge there are two camps in this revival of the temporary tattoo (love and hate) and two as well in the issue of actually turning yourself into a walking advert for a brand (pro and anti) but let's talk about what to do with them if you have them.

Wearing them on the wrist, I thought, wouldn't ever look all that cool, you see. It's obvious they're temporary tatts when worn somewhere so visible. On the collarbone of a regular person (read: size 10UK/6US and up) they just look dwarfed – like outfit litter – rather than majestic sweeping chains upheld by birds on the delicate (from early on-set osteoperosis, perhaps?) and miniature frames of the catwalk models. And back of the knee is simply a no-go for those who don't work in fashion OR those of us who live outside of New York, London, Paris or Milan.

So, what to do. How does a layperson get away with a temporary tattoo without it looking like a low brow, chavtastic hot mess?

My suggestion? Go softly, softly. By that I mean, be subtle. Pair a Trompe-L'oeil with a delicate pair of shoes you have (flats or heels) that give the tiniest hint of toe cleavage (like the picture below). I prefer my black Via Spiga ballet flats. An inconspicuous way to wear your fashion on your foot (which can be soooo sexy) rather than your sleeve or – god forbid – on the side of your sunglasses.



Wearing them behind the knee? Then pair with sheer black tights. You'll look as lovely at Catherine Denevue in The Last Metro and you can get away with it at work. 

If you simply must do it on the collarbone, do it lower down the chest and layer layer layer the necklaces on top.

With a mate handy, you could do a discreet little something at the nap of your neck if you're sporting a simple up-do and simple, elegant clothing.

The places I would strongly advise you NOT to wear these are: wrist, around the ankle, on or around the neck (like a choker), as a tramp stamp (ew), inner thigh or upper pubic region. And I'm not even going to explain why you shouldn't wear them there, because it's obvious. And if it's not obvious to you, then just stay away from this micro-trend, full stop. Sorry, but a girl's got to be honest.

Good luck with your new body art.

BUY LES TROMPE-L'OEIL DE CHANEL launches site for travel-friendly beauty products

NYLON Magazine put me onto this one... It's a new website that sells beauty and grooming products in TSA-approved sizes (meaning less than 100ml/3.3oz) so you don't have to worry that a surly airport security guard with make you part with your favourite cream ever again. also seems to be marketing itself as a sample site, with the strapline reading 'For those who travel, those who are curious and those who can't commit'. Great idea. Honestly, the site's like an e-shop for all the little bits you nick from a hotel, BUT instead of it being generic products you don't like, they happen to stock the brands (or will be soon. They have a good mix, although not exhaustive, right now) you like to use. And you can purchase them individually or in kits, which answers all the skeptics out there saying 'why can't I just buy a trial-sized kit from a brand'? Buy Philip B. shampoos and conditioners, Ole Henriksen skincare, Go Smile whitening products and a Dr. Haushcka Daily Body Kit if you fancy it. No need to stick to one brand.

Personally, I'm a bit of a travel beauty DIYer, so would probably use this site to sate my curiosity instead of buying things solely for travel. My DIY tricks? I save empty bottles from hotel products. After washing them out, I peel off the labels and scrub away any residual glue. Then I take my full-sized products of choice and decant them into the various bottles (being as, yes, anal as I am, generally I need identical bottles and, thus, horde ones from the same hotel over and over). Then I use a sharpie to label each bottle. Beautifully simple, organised and chock full of all my favourite products in a size that I can carry onto a plane (I hate checking baggage).

But back to the point... these clever girls have found a gap in the beauty market and seized it, which is great for you beauty philanderers, newbies or too-busy-to-DIY. Check it out now at

Jet set beauty | Clarisonic Opal and Rodin Olio Lusso lip balm

Whisking yourself away on a last-minute weekend trip somewhere tropical? I know, me neither. But for those of you who are (or still received a bonus), there are a few new jet set products out there that'll give you more room in that carry-on for the cruise collections.

The latest (not yet released) is the Clarisonic Opal, a miniature, flattened version of the Clarisonic that uses the same sonic technology but this time coupled with serum already loaded into the plastic pellet. The brush is smaller as it's meant to be used around the eyes. In the video, they demonstrate the way the sonic movements are better at pushing the product (in the case of Clarisonic Opal, already loaded into the device) into the cap of a mushroom than your fingers are at patting it on. I'm not entirely sure that our skin works in the same way as a mushroom so a bit baffled by that but any advances made in the field of exfoliation have my fullest attention. Price TBA.

The second bit of jet set beauty news is the launch of Rodin Olio Lusso lip balm, which hit shelves at the end of last year. Lost in the flurry of festive madness, it's now surfacing a bit in the press and is stocked at such fine stores at Beauty Cube in Spain and Barney's in New York. The famous floral scent from the elixir now comes in the form of an all-natural, sheer, blush-coloured balm. Ingredients include jasmine, orange flower oil, shea butter, beeswax, and castor seed oil all within a very cool lucite square compact (of the Belmacz packaging family. Love it). In London, Rodin Olio Lusso lip balm is stocked at Notting Hill's for £18 ($28).

Alternatives for the skinted among us:

Instead of Clarisonic Opal try, well, your hands. They're not moving at a sonic speed, but simple massage (done correctly can help). Emma Hardie and Sarah Chapman both champion a sort of dry traction massage that seems to work wonders in the short run (same sort of thing that's promised with the Opal).

Instead of Rodin Olio Lusso lip balm try Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. It melts right onto your lips, stays put for ages and truly does moisturise them (it's brought my lips back from the brink of completely chapping many times). I find things like Vaseline just exacerbate or mask the problem. This afforable product (half the price) works. Available at and many chemists for £9.00 (in all the chemists in France).

My latest on | Guerlain Le 2 Mascara

I love Guerlain Le 2 Mascara because… of its military-like dedication to ‘no lash left behind’ paired with sleek, Scandinavian design.... The tapered end houses the large wand (full and spiky), which coats and curls the bulk of the lashes, sweeping them up towards the sky and gently curling them back in a beautiful black fringe. The small wand follows second for precise application at a 7 degree angle... One tube, two wands. An efficient, stunning weapon of mass seduction. Who dares wins, indeed.

Read this full review, more beauty reviews and click to buy at - We Like. You Buy. 

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Tatcha Blotting Papers


The love of all things Japanese in beauty continues with these lovely blotting papers, currently gracing the shelves of Manhattan's hidden beauty spot, New London Pharmacy, and to be stocked exclusively in the UK at Space NK next month.

Yes, you've seen blotting papers before. In fact, before you were of age to drink, drive or vote, you probably had a few packets tucked away in your purse. Mostly, they just removed your makeup and were used in bulk due to their tiny size.

Tatcha papers are much more akin to a tissue in size than a a cigarette paper. And, like all interesting things, there's a history. The papers are born from a centuries-old craft technique, which created strong, thin, soft papers ideal for blotting oil (how the Geishas figured this out, I do not know), called Aburatorigami. They don't absorb makeup, dry out the skin or leave residue a la Nicole Kidman (with her recent undereye/nose powder foible).

It looks like blotting papers have finally grown up, or at least the grown up version has finally left Japan and made its way to our western shores.

Tatcha Aburatorigami blotting papers are available at The New London Pharmacy now and Space NK from February 2010.

You say you want a Revolution (Organics)...


When in Tanzania, Mr. BWM and I made friends with 4 Canadians on our mountain ascent. I hate to admit this, but I've never actually been to Canada. I've been around the world, spent time in remote locales like the backwaters of Bosnia, but I've never trekked just a few hours north of where I grew up. However, that's the beauty of such easy trade over international borders nowadays, isn't it?

I know, I know... a tube of lip balm can't exactly convey the serene grandeur of the great white north, but, well it's a start, right? Revolution Organics is giving me my little slice of Canadian heaven right now. The brand was launched by two beauty industry veterans who wanted multi-tasking products "to do more so we could use less". Genius little sticky soundbite, that. It's a brilliant idea and the brand is one of the first I've seen to actual be concerned with beauty consumption. The amount of packaging you have to discard to get to the actual product with some ranges is cringe-worthy. Not so here.


The PR, to my glee, sent over the entire range, which gave me the opportunity to really get a feel for the 5 products (yep, that's right. 5 multi-tasking SKUs in this micro-range, not thousands, not even dozens). They all come in craft tube-style packaging, which is brilliant as I plan on painting each of them and reusing them as lipgloss storage (keeping with the do more-use less theme). No whacky inserts. The 5 products are: Freedom Glow Balm, Freedom Lip Gloss, All-Over Body Balm, All-Over Skin Creme and Lip Balm.

Basically, it's all meant to moisturise. And, yes, it makes sense to have such a focused range come out of Canada. You think it's easy keeping your skin from going all flaky up there!? It gets COLD, so cold there's no moisture in the air (same in Chicago, for that matter... the winter dry-out has already begun).

The All-Over Body Balm and Glow Balm come in those fat lippy tubes... great for applying to large areas of skin. The Lip Balm and Body Balm come in tubes and the gloss comes in a wand. Freedom Glow Balm has intense colour (mine is in Raspberry, a bright fuschia) but the Lip Gloss gives a sheer colour wash with that slick texture I am loving in recent lipgloss launches (so much better than tacky glue lips). The All-Over Skin Creme is a great for face and body. It smells, well, a bit natural (if you know what I mean), but as of yet, I've not found a natural/organic brand that's been able to rid its products of it, so that bit is par for the course. What's not, is just how friggin' moisturising it all is. Seriously. My skin feels downright dewy when I'm done with this stuff and a little goes an incredibly long way.

Revolution is a wonderful supplementary range. It'll replace the myriad tubes and pots of lotions and serums you have. What it can't replace is your cleanser, exfoliator and makeup collection.


That all products (save the gloss) are multi-tasking, they deliver insane amounts of moisture in small doses, very cool packaging, good for you ingredients, USDA certified organic


The creme's 'natural product' smell, it's pricey

[Editor's Note: If you buy just one thing, the All-Over Body Balm (14g/0.5 oz) is the range's best buy at $27.95... You can use it everywhere. Even slice off a sliver and mix in a little eyeshadow or blush to make creme eyeshadow or your own lipgloss/creme blush.]


Freedom Glow Balm (13g/0.46 oz) $33.95

Freedom Lip Gloss (6.5mL/0.21fl.oz) $25.95

All-Over Body Balm (14g/0.5 oz) $27.95

All-Over Skin Creme (60mL/2fl.oz) $32.95

Lip Balm (14g/0.5 oz) $23.95

Online beauty find: Oscar Blandi Every Other Day Set

Hunting the endless game grounds of the internet, I came across a wicked product today (and one that most certainly appeals to people like me with a penchant for two day-old hair).

WHAT | Oscar Blandi Every Other Day Set

WHERE | Online at and for $48.00.

WHEN | Every other day, silly.

 WHY | Because washing every other day saves your blow out and your hair (not to mention the health of your wallet).

 HOW | On the in-between days, use his fantastic Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray (3.2oz). On the wash days, use the Pronto Wet Instant Voluminizing Shampoo and Conditioner (8.4oz each).

Earn your sea legs at home with Voya Lazy Days

As far as beauty treatments go, it's pretty hard to re-create the real deal at home... a few candles by the side of the tub (and that's if (if) you can stand taking a bath), maybe some oils or bubbles, a scrub and a mask. You can have virtually all the bits and bobs there needed to re-create a spa at home but it still feels like home, with just a bit lower lighting and maybe a touch more fragrant.

However, I have come across a mind-bogglingly crazy product that might make home feel that much more like the spa... or the sea. If you're one of those who absolutely cringes as the feel of seaweed against the leg while swimming (followed by a quick doggy paddle as high up in the water as possible in the opposite direction to avoid any further run-ins, sort of like a cartoon), then maybe this product's not for you. If you don't mind a little tussle with the green stuff, though, then immediately buy Voya Lazy Days dehydrated seaweed... it re-hydrates (duh) in your bath! Get right in for a proper seaweed bath.

The seaweed is cut by hand by the people at Voya and apparently they've been doing this stuff for donkeys... can you think of introducing anything more foreign (yet fun!?) to your bathtub? Never before have I even imagined filling my tube with anything seaweed related unless in powder form or as an ingredient listed on the back of a bottle (which would decidedly NOT be filled with whole pieces of seaweed). I'm game though... seaweed's meant to have fantastic effects on the skin. It's full of minerals, apparently has a smoothing and tightening affect on the skin (read about all the health benefits of seaweed here). Personally, I love to eat it stuff (stop cringing, I won't eat the seaweed out of my bath) in full-on sheets (Nori) from the Japanese deli...

Back to Voya, a company I just think is the bee's knees... even if I am in no need of new products, I'd buy from them all the same, simply because I'm such a big fan. I mean, they sell hand-harvested de-hydrated seaweed for the bath!? It doesn't get much cooler than that. And, yes, lest I forget, they have an entire slew of other seaweed-rific products and a spa (if you're in Ireland any time soon). 

Who's ready to bring a little slice of the Irish mer home? 

French face forward in Seattle with Jill Bucy

Not a week after posting about Paris's beauty event Rives de la Beaute, we've found another reason to love Francophone beauty things... Jill Bucy spa in Seattle. Yes, you read that right... Seattle. This is one of the few places in America where 30-year old French beauty brand Biologique Recherche is available. I remember looking longingly at the Biologique Recherche site years ago when recruiting brands to the e-commerce site I had just launched. As far as I know, it's still not available in the UK, although it is in Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine.

Get the same sort of treatments Parissiennes get at Jilly Bucy with her Classic French Facial, Advanced French Facial or 45-minute Vital Cleanse. 

After living in Paris and frequenting the tiny, local spa on Rue de Montorgueil, I know what it is to have a French facial treatment (although, talking about other treatments, nothing yet compares to the manicures you can get at the cheapy places in the states). Efficient and resulted-oriented (there was no music, no faff... just pure beauty treatment)... and I miss it. Wouldn't it be grand to have such treatments feature in our regular beauty routines a la française?

Other French beauty finds are available at Jilly Bucy as well, including Sothys Institute and Savon de Marseille

Jill Bucy is located in the MarQueen Hotel (600 Queen Anne Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109)

Take a trip to the Village Barn with Abigail James

The Organic Therapist Abigail James has just announced that she'll be giving treatments at a lovely little wellness center in the English Countryside: The Village Barn. I mean... an anglophile worth their salt must be quivering in their wellies at the mere mention of such a quintessential English wellness experience... Visions of health spas like Pennyhill Park and Grayshot dancing in their heads.

Abigail's been in the business for years, most recently as the senior therapist at The Haybarn for Daylesford Organic for the last two years. She's an expert in both face and body treatments (Swedish, deep tissue, thai, ayurvedic, a variety of face rejuvenation methods, Japanese face therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, etc.) and she'll be offering signature treatments, Dr. Alkaitis (WAHEEE!) and Dr. Hauschka treatments at The Village Barn.

If you can't make the trip to the home counties, never fear as Abigail is decamping to North London's favourite beauty spot on three separate occasions this fall. Lost In Beauty will play host to the Organic Therapist on the following dates: October 7th, November 4th, December 2nd.

More about The Village Barn... this sort of place my absolute most favouritest type of beauty place to visit. Housed in a 300 year-old barn (how sweet and quaint!) in the countryside (no urban terror upon leaving the front door), it offers all sorts of treatments, workshops, programmes and consultations for a multitude of sins. There are nutrition and cooking courses, yoga classes, face and body treatments. Whether the treatments work or not, I'd come away feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

So, two new British beauty finds today: Abigail James (aka The Organic Therapist) and The Village Barn.

The one invitation I covet this LFW...

Beauty coverage is easy peasy to come by during the annual fashion weeks... that's not an issue. Everyone from bloggers to editors, stylists and PRs report on the good stuff, taking amazing pics so that those of us working remotely have a JPEG cornucopia to chose from when posting about said FWs afterwards. I thank those lovelies on the front line. With out you, where would our virtual reportage be!?

So, there's only one LFW invitation I was gunning for this year (not that I can make it anyway, but that's besides the point)... I didn't know it would be the only one I truly cared about until after I received it but, there it was and all I could do was endlessly Google all the names listed on it (not something I had done with the others). 

Mile End's 40 Winks (the place to stay in London if you're so avant-garde, so trendy you don't even neeeed to be seen in the lobby of Soho hotel or spilling out of the Groucho. You just want to get away from it all because, darling, the adoring public is just such a menace) has a pop-up shop for LFW this year and they are featuring, among other hyper-cool London designers, Katherine Wardropper. I COVET her fabric and leather creations (did you see the leather wall hanging above? Madness). If there were one designer I could afford and visit during LFW this year, it would be Ms Wardropper. 

TenPilates opens Mayfair outpost

Why does it seem like all the good pilates studios in London are outside of the center... if you have the time to get to Fulham, Notting Hill or Clapham on your lunch break, then you have a job I covet. Because that's not the case for most. Being a big fan of Pilates (have burnt out on jogging after years of doing it and finding that, as I age, it hurts more and more), it was hard for me to rationalise the three-hour block of time needed to complete a 45-minute session. 

If you work in central London, that's no longer the case. TenPilates has staked its claim in Mayfair just this week, located at Matt Roberts studio on Berkeley Street. 

Why TenPilates? Because they offer classes in Dynamic Pilates, an programme that uses custom Reformer beds to develop core strength, improve posture and flexibility and build toned muscles.

David Higgins is a co-founder and the Master Trainer... I'd have to check my facts on this, but I'm pretty sure it's the same David Higgins who was one of the trainers at BeautCamp Pilates several years back. If it is, he's good... really good.

Do studio classes, one-on-one training, pre- and post-natal sessions and rehabiliation for those recovering from back pain or injury.

Prices start at £12.50 for the first class with private personal training sessions starting at £80.

TenPilates Mayfair, 16 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DZ