Better than a rubberband... Goody Spin Pins

I don't know where I first saw these, but I remember thinking "no way those would hold up my hair". How wrong I was. They're a game changer. You simply twist them into your style (I go perpendicular to one and other in a chignon, twist, top knot, side bun and possibly a Gibson roll) and they lock in place for ages. Overnight even.

They come in short and long, blonde and black. 

You think everything that could ever be invented has been invented... then all of a sudden it's not.

So simple yet the mind boggles. The Goody website, however, is not so simple.

Like a pixilated labyrinth.

Goody Spin Pins

Beautiful carnage... Publican Quality Meats

I am very much not a meat lover.

A dabbler when I've had a glass of wine.

And I eat bacon like it's going out of fashion, but bacon, as we know, isn't really meat... it's crack. Meat crack, some sort of irresistible savory goodness that I can eat by the packet without remorse.

Don't get me wrong. I wish I were a meat eater, asking for my meat 'bloody' when out to dinner or sucking marrow out of bones. Really do and contrary to all the vegetarian stuff out there (and my leafy leanings) I don't think a bit of good-quality meat is bad for you at all.

But I'm squeamish like a picky two year-old. It's embarrassing. I dry heaved the only time I tried eating chicken off the bone. Same with ribs. I can eat cured meats if I don't think to hard about it or get a big, juicy bit of grizzle lodged between my teeth, which just causes a total melt down. By me. A grown woman.

But I am fascinated with the look of meat. Always have been.

I could stare at its marbled surface all day.

It's beautiful.

The reds and whites all swirling around. Flecks of dark purple and glossy surface...

Cuts of meat are always my favorite parts of old still life paintings. Always. I fantasize about what Henry VIII's banquet table must have looked like.

So... I was walking home from the most glamorous of glamorous errands today (dropping the car at the mechanic) when I stumbled onto Publican Quality Meats, which had opened this very afternoon. It's a high-quality butcher, the kind that are commonplace in places like London, all of France and Italy... 

They do not, for the most part, exist in the states in such abundance. Foodies will travel from far and wide to visit them when they do exist. Because, while we do corporate food systems like nobody else, we do not have a knack for small-scale, high-quality meats.

Publican Quality Meats is the London-France-Italy-style butcher, with heaps and mounds of speckled sausages, duck confit in glistening fat still in the enameled dish... all piled up and stewn with paper labels letting you know what each is. 

The shelves against the windows carry sundry staples and crates litter the floor with rustic bread loaves.

Clean white tiles are punctuated with blue and in the back is a freezer with high-quality dairy and stocks to purchase alongside a set of blonde wood tables where you can have lunch or a coffee.

It could be all set pieces (that's another thing we're good at over here... making just stuff look authentic) but it's not. It feels like they've tried to create something real that's simply been absent from this part of the world but genuinely should (and probably once did) exist here and still does elsewhere. And thank goodness.

I'm ready to get cuts of meat, when I get the courage to cook it, from some place other than the heaving counter at the mega grocery store, where it always smells faintly of sour milk, even at pristine Whole Foods. And I'm looking forward to a coffee in a place that doesn't have another identical shop just 200 feet away (although I do love La Colombe, which recently opened in the same neighborhood).

This was supposed to be a post with a few beautiful (in my opinion) pictures accompanied by the phrase 'just opened' but I couldn't help myself. I'm not a foodie and not a meat connoisseur but I do like lovely, genuinely interesting places that have a sense of purpose and good design.

This seems to be one.  

Love at first swipe

Sweet lord this stuff is amazeballs.

I loved Eyeko mascara before the rebrand (previous review here) but I LOVE LOVE it now... Just wanted to let you know that this stuff makes people ask me if I'm wearing false lashes (I'm not) and where (WHERE!) can they buy it STAT.

More to come... review + before & after and all that noise to show you exactly why you'll be wearing this in 2012.

I recently met the lovely founders Nina and Max and think they've done a pretty great thing for womankind.


Readings and findings and doings and wantings

"Is that cake!?"


Read this and thought "holy bob, I'm not the only one!"

Frosted, floral, lovely, covetable Beauty.

Soak yer nuts and reap the benefit.

I could live. on. this. and die happy.

OCD stylephiles will scream in delight (and then arrange the things on their desks in neat, parallel piles).

She's back! [Make sure to mute!]

Where would you hang this!?

This might be a way to make tumeric more palatable.

Another blog talks about brights and neons too.

[image via]

TREND MILL | Neon inspiration

Just a quick follow up on the neon trend post earlier this week.

We love a bit of fresh, updated neon -  hint of glowing yellow peaking out from under the hem of a jumper, a brilliant pink maxi and flesh-toned tank...

But neon has a murky, dubious past. A past that those of us who lived through it the first time know all too well. It was a time when even the Rolling Stones committed full-body fashion faux pas.

Neon before it was refined for the new century:

80s neon_1.jpg
80s neon_2.jpg
80s neon_3.jpg

That's more '80s in one place than I've seen in decades.

[images found around the internet... too many to deal with but if one is yours and you would like a credit or to have it taken down, just email me!]

FROM THE FRONT | Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford's kid) starts modeling...

image cred

Kaia Gerber is 10.

She looks older.

She reminds me of Brooks Shields in those Calvin Klein ads in the '80s (Google it if you're so young you think the '80s are just a fashion trend from 2009) in terms of how sophisticated her beauty is for someone who only a decade ago was in her mom's belly! Whoa...

Which leads me to sort of thinking that 10 is still very young to start modeling.

Most models you meet will reflect on their early days of modelling as a young teenager and regale with horror stories of lecherous photographers, degrading casting calls, starving, lecherous men at clubs, lecherous men, well, everywhere, etc.

But something in me thinks that Cindy surely won't just let her daughter go into it with blinders on. That would be reckless and I'd bet that Cindy's not a 'roll the dice with my daughter's sanity and well-being' kinda lady. Not even for a few bucks from Versace... you know, because she's hurting so bad for the cash, right?

Kaia is wearing flats and sensible (ish) clothing. And she is the daughter of the first real supermodel (Slurring something into a camera lens enough times doesn't make it true, Janice Dickinson)... and a smokin' hot man so she can't really help that, even at 10, she's quite beautiful.

And, let's be honest, the poor lamb's been photographed her whole life by the smarmy paparazzi. 

And don't you think the above shot is better than dressing up your underage spawn as jailbait:

Noah Cyrus, younger sibbling of Miley Cyrusimage cred

Jesus... costume or not, I'd vomit a little in my mouth if I saw a grown woman wearing this out on Slutoween, let alone a child. CHILD.

There seems to be a bit of discontent on the interwebs about the Kaia thing. I don't think I see any huge problem of judgement on Cindy's behalf, considering where and who her daughter comes from (supermodel+hot dude in SoCal already in the spot light thanks to the telephoto lens) and, realistically, what trajectory her professional life was going to take.

Probably wasn't going to be a barista after a 6-year stint at ASU, was she?

What do you think?

BEAUTY OP-ED | Iris Apfel + MAC + Bill Cunningham New York + Things that are things

 If you're a writer, you're always looking for repetition, for snippets and tidbits to prove they're a thing. I need something to show itself to me a few times before I think it's a thing and believe it's worth writing about.

This thing I have now is definitely a thing. Mind you, I do live under a rock in Chicago in near-complete solitary confinement for most of my waking hours, so there's a (very good) chance this thing has been a thing for an age and only just arriving under my rock right now, very late. In fact I know it's been a thing but the people who are a part of this thing are having a bit of a thing renaissance after not being so thingy for a while.

In any event, it's a stylish, beautiful, fascinating thing to me all the same and I'm glad to share.

Read More

HOW TO | Fave Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorials

Lisa Eldridge is a seriously lovely lady with incredible makeup tutorials for every look imaginable. I've been watching her videos since she started and regularly post some of my favorites of her videos here. Sorry if I'm repeating myself. Can't help it. I always go back to her tutorials.

Since no-makeup makeup has been my M.O. of late but I do love a hint of color, I love her chic and simple 5-minute makeup look and this (soon to be my go-to makeup for a night out) party look, which is just a bit more glamorous than daytime no-makeup makeup but still not in-your-face.


The first look in her one lipstick many different ways is exactly what I do with some of my more vibrant lipsticks (and even tinted balms) during the day (love doing this (putting on cheeks and lips) with Burt's Bees tined balms in Rose and Red Dahlia).



Her acne cover-up tutorial is incredible. The before and after look like two different people.



One the theme of using one color all-over, she does a great video on how to work the color into the eye area as well... and love the dusty rose/mauve used.


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