Once upon a time, in a land far far away...

I started writing a beauty blog. It was the dark ages of beauty blogging in the wilds of North London. The year was 2007, when a small company named Apple created a thing called the iPhone and we started talking in Tweets for the first time in human history. People still used desktop computers and Internet Explorer. They TiVo-ed their shows and "swipe left" was something you did in a bar fight. To quote a little-known author, 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" for us nearly-but-not-quite-digital-native folks. 

It was The Cult Beauty Blog, one of the UK's first proper beauty blogs, and I founded it at the same time as co-founding cultbeauty.com with another American Jess and a British Lex, back when it was unheard of to "curate" one's wares.  

This beauty bog appeared when I cut myself loose from life in London and hitched my marital wagon to a horse (husband... potato, potahtoh) in the American Midwest.

After years of therapy, we have started down the slow road to recovering from the psychological trauma caused by 9-month-long winters and deep-dish pizza. We now live as far away from those things as is humanly possible.

While I used to blog here regularly, I packed it all in years ago. It was hard to have a London beauty blog from um, glamorous... Illinois. It was a right nightmare getting to launch events and parties. 

The archive remains.  

In any event, I much prefer reading and watching the likes of the lady content creators writing and filming amazing beauty and lifestyle stuff that have come up in the last eight years. Seriously, they're so good. When did it all get so damn slick and professional?

On the occasion that I have something to say here (read: never), I'll post it, though, really, I save those words for the places where I'm paid to say them by the people who can pay me. 

You can check out a few of my pieces at www.jmteas.com.

Smell ya later.