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Blue Mercury turns ten

If you're not from the US (and if you're from certain states within the country), Blue Mercury might not be in your common vernacular as a female. It's a beauty boutique and spa, sort of like the big ol' Space and Spa NK in Westborne Grove. It has the same allure for me now that Sephora did when I was a teenager. Sephora, which I do still love in a different way, has a younger and less sophisticated feel, but not in a bad way (as an aside, I was recently in a Sephora and bowled over by the new Negligee Pink lipstick from Dior... wonderfully flattering and, accordingly, sold out.); They're simply catering to a customer that might not fancy a facial before stocking up on skincare. Their customer wants a new cream or eyeliner on their lunch break, at least that's the feeling I get when I'm there. All of which eventually has brought me to the point.

Blue Mercury has just turned ten, which is a major feat considering how hard it is to make the cut it in the big bad world of beauty retail, especially as a small(er) fry. The Davids often don't often survive the Goliaths, but such an anniversary makes me believe there's room in this world for both the Sephoras and the Blue Mercurys, the Blushes and the Space NKs. Why not? Yes, market share is pretty much the final word for most people trying to make a buck out of beauty, and thus competition might not always be welcome. But it breeds creativity and I think it allows a larger variety of brands and retail models to flourish. In any event, this is to say a big happy birthday to Blue Mercury and to let you know that the goody bags on offer to celebrate the event are, in fact, quite great.

The brands stuffed inside the blue organza bag are: NARS, Fekkai, MD Skincare, Bumble and Bumble (mine had a big Creme de Coco hair mask, which worked wonders on my fried summer hair), Rememde, ReVive, Darphin, Tocca, Bliss, Skinceuticals, Bobbi Brown (lipliner in Hot Cocoa... amazing nude colour that I bet works on everyone) and Fresh among others. Your goody bag comes free with a purchase of $50 or more (that's 30 quid or so in UK speak... not half bad).

Happy birthday, Marla and co.

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I straight away want to be shopping at Blue Mercury!

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