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IT WAS a bleak day for me (it's winter after all...) when I realised that, perhaps, even though a beauty journalist, I personally hadn't been seeing the wood for the proverbial trees with regards to my own appearance for some years. There's nothing overtly wrong with it but I had somehow over my lifetime adapted a live and let be attitude to my appearance, never making any serious overtures with myself about taking care of (beauty) business. But the older I get, the more I want (and feel like I need) to sign up for a regular routine that includes the likes of facials. Yes, yes, most of my compatriots (adopted and real) probably see it as a luxury, but I'll tell you what -- I would rather that be the luxury I spend my money on than a purse or shoes. Those go out of fashion and get stuffed away in the wardrobe one day. Can't do that with a face!

It was with a chipper can-do attitude, then, that I greeted the offer from Spa Week Daily to trial one of the wonderful treatments on offer for $50 during Spa Week 2010. Kick start my beauty makeover with Spa Madness and let you lot know about the deep discounts to be had at spas across North America this April? Yes, please.

Without further ado...

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