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Beauty launch pad | Benefit Sugarbomb


Being fair with pores large enough to been seen at ten paces, I am always on the prowl for products that both brighten and heighten the colour of my complexion and smooth over the pore-tastic finish of my face.  My first tango with such powders happened during an impulsive shopping spree on my first trip to a Douglas chemist. I was entranced by the place -- like a French chemist with all the high-end beauty I could handle in one go.

During that trip (and rash dash for products), I purchased my first YSL lipglosses and a pot of Guerlain meteorites. I had once espied the latter product on the bathroom shelf in the house of two very glamorous north London Lesbians (where I also came across first flush darjeeling, in the kitchen, not the loo). It was far beyond my meager student means at the time, but my curiosity was piqued, to be satisfied several years later on that first trip down the aisles of Douglas.

Returning home from Douglas, I shimmied off the lid, swirled a brush within the latticed pot of luminescent balls and swept it across my cheeks, from nose to temple (pores being most visible, of course, on the cheek right next to the nose). Wait... where did they go!? My pores!? The skin was smoothed and had the most lovely, soft, uniform finish. I was hooked, for a while at least. 

You see, Guerlain meteorites aren't ideal beauty booty for travel. They get crushed, take up a fair bit of space and simply did not count as necessity when shuttling between the US, the UK and everywhere else. Had I been at a fixed addressed, like said Lesbians, I would have happily adorned my bathroom shelf with the pretty little pot for an eternity.

Instead, I gave up the good stuff for years (just didn't want to bother with the compact) and have recently been reacquainted with the air-brushing effect of using such a powder in the form of Benefit Sugarbomb.


Like all Benefit blushes, it comes in a square box. There are four triangles of colour (rose, pink, plum and peach) with a flat brush. Use one (if possible) or all. 


The colour seems like it'll be universally flattering or mix and match individual colours to fit your needs; there is a luminescent finish that gives the skin a similar finish to powders like Guerlain meteorites, the colour is subtle and easily blendable.


It might be hard to pinpoint just one of the colours in the quad to use (you'll have to have a small brush to do it), the flat brush included in the pack is not match to a full-sized makeup brush. 


Benefit Sugarbomb is £23.50

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Reader Comments (2)

I agree, it would be impossible just to try to get one color with a big brush... but a blush wouldn't be blended well without the use of a big brush!
01.23.2010 | Unregistered CommenterAll Women Stalker

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