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HOW TO | Tips on DIY Ballerina Bun

So first we did a super quick before and after with the ballerina bun vs. the pencil eraser (my non-enhanced bun). We then did our first DIY beauty video featuring the Ballerina Bun and only one (or two) editing errors. And now we have a list of tips because even with a video, it's easy to still get it wrong. We know. We have.

After cutting off the toes of countless socks, we think we're well-placed to give you some advice on what works best.


Our Ballerina Bun tips:

1. The type of sock matters. Silly as it sounds. Cotton athletic socks that are stubby or stiff or both don't work well. The hair doesn't hold onto them, they're heavy, the don't roll well and they're usually white or black -- two obvious colors that'll show right through.

2. Long (knee-high) although slightly thin dress socks (men's but bet women's would work as well). In fact, they seem to be optimal when they have a plush finish - like a wool/cashmere blend. So, erm, not cheap. But if you have strays around the house, use one of those. The hair drapes over them nicely and seems to almost stick to the texture of the sock, spreading out around it and evenly covering it. And the sock is light so it won't move around or slip out.

3. Tuck and roll. Keep tucking your hair under as you roll it down or you'll have a donut of air between your hair and the sock donut and any sort of weather will expose your dirty hair secret - the sock beneath that's given you such a freakin' awesome (and big) bun.

4. Pull hair around your head to loosen a bit so you don't look severe or like you're sporting a Croydon facelift. This look works better when it's just a touch messy and not all prim and proper.

5. Hairspray helps. So can pins. Neither are necessary unless you think wild head movement is going to be part of your day.

6. Color of sock matters, especially if you have thin hair and/or you're new to the Ballerina Bun. I use a dark grey sock, BUT I'm pretty good at doing this by now. If you aren't, use a sock that's somewhat similar to your hair color. Generally, everyone should avoid white as it's so obvious if it shows through. 

7. People will touch it. Sounds dirty, right? But true. My husband thinks it's a handle. People will pat it. They won't be able to resist the urge to squeeze it. Or maybe I just hang out with weird people. Anyway, forewarned is forearmed.

Have any other questions about the Ballerina Bun?

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I'm like it and very good idea / tips
12.30.2011 | Unregistered Commenterextanza

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