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New NIVEA advert for their Lip Care Moments Campaign

So, I'm not one to post adverts on this site (although I once did for Dior Cherie because it was HOT. Sofia Coppola did a kicka** video for it). But I was sent this one and, frankly, I think it's pretty cool. Brands seem to be getting wiser to the idea of having a conversation with their customers. The music's cool, it's a pretty unique perspective (I think it's that of the tube of lip balm but it fails at some points) and I don't feel like I'm selling my soul to post it. Go figure... 

In any event, if you want to watch this advert from NIVEA, by all means do. I have a few times and the music reminds me of Esthero a bit... sort of upbeat and energizing like her Better Life collaboration with Ian Pooley all those years back. This song is Rebekkamaria’s Yours Truly. If you can't be arsed, then you don't have to! The beauty of a video versus a banner, non?

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I love Nivea... love the commercial too

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