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I'm Jessica.

Once upon a time, I wrote a lot on this blog.

Now, not so much. But I haven't quite gotten around to totally delete it from the internet just yet. So, here it remains, collecting dust. 

So if you've ended up here, hello and welcome. I still tweet from time to time and pin (see above) and if you want to see what I do, click on the giant box below that says VIEW MY WORK.

TTFN, y'all. 


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I should (Rouge) Coco - The new lipstick from CHANEL

Lipstick has been overshadowed by its less mature sister, lipgloss, for ages. No, it's not groundbreaking (or, really, important in the larger context) but the recent change in the beauty landscape back to full-on lipcolour is comforting for those of us who brave even the most inhospitable environs in matte red lipstick.

The renaissance of sophisticated lipwear over the last few seasons is, I think, a boon for pouts the world over. Lipstick 2.0 is gives us an amped up version of this ancient beauty aide -- from quality packaging to innovative formulas. Who's leading the charge? CHANEL, of course, the brand that always seems to do the same thing but by doing so ends up on the cutting edge. Defies belief and probably riles the competition. However, they know what they like and what they do well, and they like lipstick so much that it's cult 2.55 handbag has a dedicated pocket just for the prized product.

This lipstick revolution has a name - Rouge Coco, and it's happening quietly. What makes it so revolutionary? The devils in the details, dears, and the details have been overlooked far too long in the name of the bottom line. Have a quick rummage through your makeup drawer. Pluck out the lipsticks and look at them, really look at them. Roll them around in your hand. How do they feel? Certainly not like Rouge Coco. The new lipstick comes in a metal tube... when was the last time you bought a lipstick swathed in anything other than plastic? It feels luxurious cupped in the palm - heavy, cool to the touch. The cap snaps on to the base, making the most satisfying sound, within are the intertwined double Cs, as well as atop the lid.

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