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TREND MILL | Neon for spring 2012

I'm off my rocker to be talking about spring already. Somebody slap me. I'm currently wearing THREE jumpers, a scarf and a wooly hat...

In my house.

BUT there's nothing like a punch of retina-burning color to brighten up those days when the sun sets just a handful of hours after it finally struggles to any sort of height in the sky.

It seems that neon is making its way into our makeup cases yet again this year. I swear it's been a 'trend' for several years running. Certainly was a few years ago... and last year... and again.

Maybe it's the crap-ass state of global financial affairs and our diminished spending power. A swipe of dayglo green is a cheaper way to freshen up an outfit than to go out and buy an entirely new one as you would have done six years ago.

Like a teen off his t*ts en route to a rave wearing a stolen construction worker vest, it's predicted that this spring we too will zing the eyeballs of fellow humans with traffic-stopping yellows and fuschias and oranges aplenty.

The more things change...

I'd like to think I have a mind of my own and that I'll be wearing neon only if I very well feel like it, thankyouverymuch, but we all know that's not the case... with any of us. Bet I'll have one neon eyeliner by summer.

Bet you will too.

Though it will probably be just one. The trend this time around seems to be softer, there's a more gently gently approach. Neon Cambridge satchel and that's it. Fuschia lips and nude makeup elsewhere.

It's a far cry from the head-to-toe look that Kelly Kapowski et al wore the hell out of in my youth. Oh, the neon biker shorts and sweatshirts I used to wear... the brightly colored Lipsmackers. The plastic, blindly colorful jewelry from Claire's. The undercut... Kids In Corporated, Clarissa Explains It All, Saved By The Bell.

Those, my friends, were the days...

before I wanted to look good.

For now on, I'll just stick to a statement neon nail or touch of bright blush or dayglo skinny belt. Not all at once.

Unless I'm home alone having an '80s dance party. To Starship.

So fun.

And on that '80s note, I'm outtie. (remember that?)

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