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HOW TO | Exfoliate at home without spending a cent (almost)

I WROTE THIS entire post and then my computer ate it. (My pulse starts to beat through my ears when that happens...)

Mainly, I was whinging about how so many so-called gentle or sensitive-skin exfoliators are just plain crap. Utter useless stuff. They’re cream cleansers with like 3 exfoliating beads in the entire over-priced tube. By taking out the scrubbing component, you think you can call yourself gentle? How about ineffective and lazy. It riles me. Exfoliation is good, even for sensitive (skinned) types like me. That’s what you’re doing with peels, microdermabrasion and all those acids. As a young girl with acne, I exfoliated religiously, and to this day rigorously thank St. Ives and Buff Puff for my lack of scarring.

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