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BEAUTY OP-ED | Iris Apfel + MAC + Bill Cunningham New York + Things that are things

 If you're a writer, you're always looking for repetition, for snippets and tidbits to prove they're a thing. I need something to show itself to me a few times before I think it's a thing and believe it's worth writing about.

This thing I have now is definitely a thing. Mind you, I do live under a rock in Chicago in near-complete solitary confinement for most of my waking hours, so there's a (very good) chance this thing has been a thing for an age and only just arriving under my rock right now, very late. In fact I know it's been a thing but the people who are a part of this thing are having a bit of a thing renaissance after not being so thingy for a while.

In any event, it's a stylish, beautiful, fascinating thing to me all the same and I'm glad to share.

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