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Hello there.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm Jessica.

Once upon a time, I wrote a lot on this blog.

Now, not so much. But I haven't quite gotten around to totally delete it from the internet just yet. So, here it remains, collecting dust. 

So if you've ended up here, hello and welcome. I still tweet from time to time and pin (see above) and if you want to see what I do, click on the giant box below that says VIEW MY WORK.

TTFN, y'all. 


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Beauty Q&A: Dr. Brandt on

From October 13th thru the 16th Dr. Fredric Brandt will be answering reader questions on Lucky Magazine's Lucky Right Now blog... get in line, girls. In the meantime, may I suggest a few of the better products from his eponymous range: pores no more pore refiner provided me with a skincare epiphany: hid pores, evened skintone, combated acne. What more could a girl with 5 minutes to prep in the morning ask for? [Note: Not great for dry skin... will make you look scaly but great for bastard acneic and oily skin). If you're an exfoliation addict (I readily admit to my memership in EA - Exfoliators Anonymous... or not so anonymous), dr. brant microdermabrasion should be on your shopping list IF you have the mental fortitude and bankroll to part with the required amount of cash. I struggle with that one every time, but if money were no object, I would stockpile the stuff and scrub myself into happy oblivion... 

Back to the questions... what would I ask the man? Why does my skin get so bad in an urban environment when it's crystal clear in the countryside (or on a mountain top)? What are his thoughts on the effectiveness of facial massage and exercise? Where else should I be using my face cream other than my face? 

Start brainstorming now... as an aside, I was just looking at pictures of the MD and thought 'why the hell did he do that to himself'? The man has had some serious nips and tucks and, well, they're not of the subtle Demi Moore-style alterations. This might be a case of do what I say not what I do...