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Feb162010 builds a new bathroom

Fashion like food, is now fast. The two main seasons are punctuated by micro-trends and mini-seasons (anyone up for the cruise collection? Me neither). Throwaway design is the name of the game. Don't have something to wear out after work? Never fear. Get it on the high street and chuck it away within weeks. It was only a tenner after all, right? It's the fashion equivalent of fast food.

But there's a slow fashion movement being championed by Dane Rigetta in her virtual department store appropriately named And she's just added a bathroom to her house, making it one of the first of the so-called slow beauty stops online. Sure, there are shops in 3-D where you can browse in a leisurely fashion, but this is the internet is still only such place where you can browse without being accosted by a commission-hungry sales woman and her layout (while foreign and possibly hard to navigate for some) is refreshing.

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