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Hello there.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm Jessica.

Once upon a time, I wrote a lot on this blog.

Now, not so much. But I haven't quite gotten around to totally delete it from the internet just yet. So, here it remains, collecting dust. 

So if you've ended up here, hello and welcome. I still tweet from time to time and pin (see above) and if you want to see what I do, click on the giant box below that says VIEW MY WORK.

TTFN, y'all. 


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Weekend readings and wantings and doings and musings...

I'll attempt my first fluro mani this weekend a la the lovely nails above. 

Do a Ballerina (Sock) Bun in under two minutes... this video is one long shot - no edits - so it is definitely possible to do!

I keep playing this animated GIF over and over (make sure to hit the play button on the music below it). So cute and upbeat... I'm inspired to try it myself (she led me to this Aladdin's cave of a website too).

Love this GIF too.

His Paris paintings are great but his paintings of cake are even better!

DIY Sugar Waxing revisited and the follow-up post with tips.

Switzerland love.

Stay trim by eating like these women.

Do I like Tootsie Rolls? I wouldn't be a child of the '80s if I didn't. And I wouldn't be a modern day yuppie-hippie if I didn't drool over this homemade Tootsie Roll recipe. 

Forget chocolate. Please wrap one of these and seal the package with one of these for me for Valentine's Day.

Have two cents to offer to this housework debate?

Try the pastel hair-color trend without the commitment. 

This dress. 

This song and that song and this song and that song. Clearly my musical tastes are stuck in 2009.

And I've been thinking about this song from the Tiger Lillies concert I saw in 2005 with my lovely Slovene friends M and T at Soho Theatre (yipes... I need some new material). 

Curl up for some winter reading.

Figure out what exactly all that fancy speak means on your egg cartons.

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