#10 New wardrobe staples from Whyred



I've initiated a new project recently... a mission to give myself a proper image makeover. Why? Because I've never done it. Rather, I've always just sort of gone with things... my hair, clothes, etc. It's high time I took a pro-active approach to the image I display to the world rather than letting it just happen. It doesn't hurt that I did two full-on days of filming (on the receiving end of the camera) and therefore have ages of footage to analyze just what wasn't working. And being a bit removed from the situation, it's now apparent what it is. First things first, I've gone and chopped my hair into edgy, long layers and a very long, eyelash-skimming fringe to hide the sorry excuses for eyebrows I'm carrying around on my forehead and said forehead, which contorts itself into crazy patterns when I talk (if there's one thing you can say about me, it's that I am expressive with my face).

The next thing on my makeover spreadsheet (yes, I have one... best to approach it in a methodical manner like all other successful projects) is to re-dye the hair red, get working on my makeup and skincare wardrobe, figure out what, if any treatments my complexion will benefit from (taking a page from the ladies of France in this department), getting back into the gym and doing a serious analysis of my wardrobe, most of which is loose-fitting cotton garments that were all (or mainly) purchased in or before 2005. Then it's on to accessories, hairstyles and new ways to wear makeup and how to combine all the garments and bits and bobs I have to create a bunch of looks I love that require as little effort as possible.

Whew! So there we have it. If I had all the money in the world (or even just a bit more than I have now), I would invest in pieces from this indie Swedish brand. You should do. Nicely cut, quality and timeless, they'd enhance any stylish wardrobe.


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