Pre-teen beauty

I was browsing products online and came across a slew of the things that I used as an American pre-teens, deseparate to get rid of my acne and get my hair and makeup to look a bit like the main character in (what I thought was the super-cool movie) Teenage Witch and a bit like Nikki Taylor. I was never going to look like either, but in my aspirational quest I used a slew of products that are still available right now, this very minute. Crack open those Stridex pads or that bottle of Loves Baby Soft. Just the slightest whiff will thrust you back into those awkward, self-conscious years as if you never left.

Buy back a slice of your childhood (unfortunately, I'm not sure if they're available to buy if you're not in the US. Also, we can't help changes in formula and branding, which is such a shame!): Stridex pads, Sea Breeze astringent, Clearasil Vanishing Cream, Jean Nate, Loves Baby Soft, Lip Smackers, Cuticura Anti-bacterial soap, Nexxus shampoo and conditioner, Buf-Puf, Wet 'n' Wild cosmetics