Beauty Brands: Young and Pure to launch next week

The second natural range for teenage skin to launch this year hits the shelves of Whole Foods Market next week. Young and Pure is a natural range for teenage skin (read: acne, oily and combo complexions). Face Boutique launched in the Greene Street SpaceNK in NYC last month and will make its way to the UK soon.

We think it's the way forward with teen skincare. When we were whippersnappers the only things to help us get through the dark days of red, inflamed skin were harsh, medicinal astringents (chock full of alcohol, which is the devil), drying lotions, oil-free face lotion (which is silly. You need oil on your skin. Duh. Like Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil) and blemish zapping makeup... all of which just made our skin drier, more acne-prone and redder.