Lisa Hoffman's new perfume

Now, we didn't get the chance to try Lisa's skincare yet but the concept seems good enough (if, maybe, a bit wasteful). Mixed reviews have come back after the first handful of months but we're sure she'll keep on just fine. In the meantime her perfume has been rolled out for the holidays. Again, like her skincare, and portable and 'pre-edited' so you don't have to carry around a 12oz. pump bottle or spritzer bottle, so, naturally, her 24-hour skincare seems to be the star of the show. We admit, that we do think it's a leeeetle bit gimmicky but if it works, it works. Gimmicks or not.

The new perfume is split into 4 -- morning, day time, evening and bed time. We're interested to see how each vials' notes (French Clary Sage, Tuscan Fig and Tunisian Neroliand) overlap. Do they blend seamlessly into one long scent that's meant to have optimal aromatherapeutic effects all day?
It all seems a bit labour-intensive but might be worth a try if it keeps you smelling nice (and possibly aroma-therapised) all day instead of scent-less and gobsmacked that not a trace of your beloved perfume is ever left on your inner wrist after the end of a long day.

It's available at Harvey Nichols this November.