WWD reports: Kerastase in pill form

Interesting... Kerastase has launched a pill called Densitive to help those suffering from thinning hair and hair loss. WWD says, 'Densitive is designed to be taken twice a day with meals and is the first product in the luxury hair care brand's dietary supplement range.' I actually thought there was already something on the market for that: Rogaine (rumour has it that people also Rogaine their eyebrows to grow them in thicker after years of overplucking). That said, I suppose female baldness is a problem that more than one company can try to corner the market on.

And, really, it's not as if slathering whatever cream/serum/salve/conditioner/mask on the outside is going to transform your appearance if the inner-workings are being neglected.

My one concern (other than for you and your baldness, which cannot be a fun experience and one I don't look forward to if it ever happens to me) is that this is a pill you're taking, NOT a topical cream. Whereas you rub cream into a specific area to regrow said hair (or grow thicker hair... I'm not sure, so don't quote me on it) in that one area a pill gets into your entire system. Does taking a pill rather than slathering on a cream just make you a bit hairier everywhere, like the way cats grow a winter coat of fur? And I don't think it's some sort of 'smart pill' that pinpoints exactly where regrowth is needed, growing hair there and nowhere else, can it?

Hell, they can't even make bombs that do that correctly yet. It all seems a bit strange and while I do like the idea of beauty companies addressing that superficial treatments won't do the trick alone.