Rodial Glamotox™


Rodial's known for their somewhat clinical approach to non-surgical beauty. Tummy tuck and the lot promise results without the need to go under the knife. That said, most of their products focus on the body.
Not any more. This fall, they're launching the lastest in facial skincare with Glamotox™, a 'glamorous alternative to botox'. This non-invasive alternative to surgery has SPF18 and micro-injected hyaluronic acid (the ingredient du jour, it's amazing for moisturising), pomegranate ellagic tannins (Rodial's hero ingredient), myrrh extract, peptides and vitamin c. Think of it as preventative and restorative moisturising.

It's £98 for a 50ml bottle. It is supposed to be available for sale in December.


PS: Look out for the a-list cleanser coming soon.