I've been a bad monkey... but check out Clyde's

A very bad monkey, and not posted in days. However, a funeral was attened and due respect was required. He was a good man... a great man, really, and for more decades than I can comprehend took care of countless people, doing everything from setting up medical units for local Vietnamese communties during the Vietnam war to delivering thousands of babies in America for decades after.

Today you should know more about New York beauty, including (and, of course, all you Manhattanites already know this) Clyde's beauty. It's the most amazing pharmacy on the island... it stocks entire ranges, bu we forgive them because they have such an inspired mix. We hope that maybe CB could potentially work with them on future projects. We can't find the website that's listed on their card, but, hands down, it's better than Sephora, Ricky's, Space NK, Douglas (which has been in Grand Central for years) or any other pharmacy/chemist/beauty boutique we can think of. If we had a CB award, it would go to them!

926 Madison Ave (near 74th)
New York, NY 10021