Rodial Glamotox sells out in one week

"In Just ONE WEEK since the launch of Glamotox exclusive to Harvey Nichols and the company have sold out with the high demand of orders from retailers and consumers. There is yet again a waiting list for the Glamotox alternative to botox."

Also, of note is that the A-List Cleanser is used by Hollywood celebs Katie Holmes, Mischa Barton & Eva Longoria. Sure, they have a bit more help than average women to maintain their glowing complexions but there's no doubt they take care of it when they're on their own too.

We just like that there are alternatives out there to sticking yourself in the face with needles.

Glamotox, Price: £98 for 50ml, 1.7 oz (PS: Jennifer Aniston is a huge fan of Glamotox!)
A-List Cleanser: Price: £48 for 100ml 3.4fl oz