You heard it hear first: Dr. Alkaitis skincare

There's a new brand of beauty product on the market in the US, soon to hit UK shores. Any unfortunate pronunciations aside, this range of products is super effective and natural, a trend that's become a mainstay in beauty nowadays. After all, prior to 100 years ago, that's pretty much what we had to work with anyway -- natural ingredients by default.

Apparently, no Dr. A product is more than two weeks old at the time of shipment, everything made (and overseen by Dr. A himself) in California. We like their company philosophy that 'the essential foundation of beauty is health.' Here, here. They even go so far as to say 'if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.'

I'd be a hypocrite to say that I don't sometimes use products that contain harmful chemicals. For a large part of my young life, that's all I knew (knowledge is power and all that...). That said, I make an effort not to, and since I've starting using the Dr. Alkaitis Purifying Cleanser and Nourishing Treatment Oil my skin has been unusually soft and the clarity is amazing. I don't generally endorse products this heartily. Maybe it's to do with the fact that all Dr. Alkaitis's products are organic aloe-based rather than water based. Maybe it's because of the high concentration of all those lovely ingredients. Whatever it is, I'm sold. Along with my Kirsty Mcleod Clarifying Clay Exfoliator (and a nightly combo of the Dr. Alkaitis oil and the Kirsty Mcleod Revitalising Vitamin Booster (NB for white western women of the world: stop being scared of oil! The right kind is REALLY good for your skin, even on your face).

They might not be a classic cult item, but they'll no doubt become a regular feature in die-hard beauty junkies' bathroom cabinets soon.