New Year's resolutions...



Drink enough water: every time I go for a facial, the therapist berates me for my perpetually dehydrated skin. Stay like that and your skin will continue to appear dull. Plus, fine lines show up more clearly when you're parched (water plumps). We're not saying guzzle 2 litres a day (honestly, it's impossible to do. We've tried it in the office. You spend the entire day racing between your desk and the loo.); just drink enough, so a glass whenever you remember. It will make a difference. Also, apply your moisturiser (face and body) while skin is damp.


Get time strips for makeup: we've cleaned out the makeup bin and chucked away anything that's become crusty, comes from a shop that no longer exists or smells a bit fuggy. From now on, we're using those nifty makeup expiration strips too, so we can be sure that we're not coating our face in bacteria-ridden cream with completely degraded and inactive ingredients.

Massage more: Give your face a good massage with your fingertips every time you wash your face or apply oil or moisturiser to it and you'll be glowing. Not only do you stimulate the skin and capillaries but you're also draining toxins if you massage towards the lymph nodes.

Regularly wax, if you're going to bother doing it: This is something (along with flossing and taking control of my schedule) that I need to do this year. Now ladies, there's no point in going through the horrific pain of a single Brazilian wax a year. It hurts 100 times more if you leave it for just once every twelve months. The more you do it, the less it hurts and the more sparse the regrowth. If you're going to do it, make it routine or just get into the habit of trimming and having a gentle, regular wax for bathing suit season. You'll dread the Brazilian much less if you just get into the habit of doing it. I know it seems counterintuitive but it really does make sense.

Stop biting your cuticles: It's a fact that if you have well-groomed hands that you're entire appearance looks better. If you wear acrylic nails, stop it immediately. They're horrible and should only be worn by old women in fuschia kaftans on South Beach. Keep your nails neat and don't chew them or your cuticles. Opt for a buff instead of polish when you get manicures as it lasts longer. Keep your cuticles moisturised, especially during winter. If you're out of lotion, use a couple drops of olive oil. Works a charm.

Be less stressed: Other than smoking and the sun, this is probably the biggest reason for pre-mature ageing. Just look at JK Rowling pre- and post-Harry Potter windfall. Rumours of plastic surgery or whatever aside, she does look much better and I bet alot of it has to do with the huge stress of financial problems being lifted almost over night. Don't let everything get to you. Life goes on and things can only annoy you and stress you out if you let them.