Kool beauty branding: Juliet Has a Gun

Perfume hasn't really been a rock 'n' roll thing for, well, ever really. The latest onslaught of z-list celeb scents, pumped out by the dozen in all their harmful chemical glory, has, if anything, made it even more of a fluffy industry. Old hands rue the days when a scent took years to create. How many newbie execs know what Ambergris is or even have the foggiest about great literary refs like Jitterbug Perfume? Anyhow... it's enough to say that we've been thoroughly unimpressed with what's been passed off as perfume for quite a while, aside from folks like Le Labo, Miller Harris and a few others; these two are both beautiful by design and earnest in ethos.

Juliette Has a Gun is rock 'n' roll in attitude and design. It's even literary (get it? Get it?). It's S. M. A. R. T. and witty (not exactly Jade-esque, innit). And they fully grasp that simply because the base note is Rose, it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE FOR YOUR NAN. In fact, rose is popping up everywhere lately, what with the natural trend taking hold (Neal's Yard have done a smashing wild rose beauty balm for donkeys, Ila's rose facial oil is addictive...). They've got two scents, Lady Vengeance and Miss Charming (again, the wit! We love) and there's a man with a bit of scent experience behind it... and fashion... and he's French, bien sur, with Francis Kurkdjian in tow too.

We like their fresh take on perfume packaging as well, turning convention on its head with its matte black bottles with a bit of gothic detail shot through with a flash of fuschia.

If Juliette Has a Gun were a woman it would be Mae West... in leather chaps.