Beauty gadgets

Beauty gadgets

My Zeno: this new-fangled device shoots a calculated amount of heat into the offending pore, which causes the self-destruction of the bacteria that causes 90% of common acne, apparently. Verdict? Another device I'm willing to bet on... having suffered from acne most of my life, I'll pretty much try anything to banish it.

Axbo: this alarm clock tracks your movements and wakes you up during the optimal stage (we hope it's the lightest stage) of sleep. Bad side is that you have to do a bit of forward planning to make sure you're actually up in time for work. Verdict? I want to try this out... badly. I'm a horrible morning person and although chipper once up, I have a hard time getting up. Maybe being jarred awake whilst deep in my REM cycle by my mobile phone's alarm isn't helping?

Eyecurl heated lash curler: use a bit of heat to get uber-curled lashes (personally I'd just use the backside of a warm spoon or use my blowdryer to heat up my regular curler for a few secs before using but whatev), just like you do with curling tongs on your hair. Verdict? Kinda cool but probably not necessary.

Talika Electric Manicure: file, shape and polish nails in one, battery-powered go. It does take some getting used to, and don't use the wrong tip on the nail bed! Verdict? It's a bit hard to master but once I do I'm sure it will work as well as a normal file... but nothing beats a proper buff (just ask Bastien).

SK-II AirTouch Foundation: the daddy of airbrush foundation, SK-II smartly brought the idea of airbrushing makeup on the face (as is done on pretty much ALL movie and fashion sets) to the masses so they could achieve the same flawless look. It won't always work (apparently, not the best on oily skin) but the technology behind it is great. I think I might actually buy a real airbrush and try that someday soon. Verdict? Generally well-loved and does what it says on the tin.

Clarisonic skin brush: this isn't yet available in the UK, but they're working on distribution for 2008. Think sonicare toothbrush but for the face...

Dermarollers: these things scare me a bit, I have to admit. They make microscopic incisions on the face, into which the products you applied after will be more readily absorbed, and, t0 boo, collagen production is supposed to be boosted (or something like that) to heal all the little cuts. Honestly, I'm not ready to start doing this at home, but if you are, this new wave of at-home treatments and their quasi-surgical brethen are popping up everywhere. Leaf and Rusher had one that has since been discontinued.

Nono!: this is a new at-home hair removal device. It purports to use patented Thermicon™ technology, 'which uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat to the hair'. To me it sounds as if it's just burning the hair off, especially as it says the thermodynamic wire transmits heat to the hair and the process is characterised by an odor... haven't tried it yet but I venture to say it might be the odour of hair burning? In any event, if it's less painful than the Epilady of yore, then good on them. Verdict? If it reduces hair thickness by over 50% over time, it might be worth buying. I'd save a bundle on Mach 3 blades if it did.

Tria: this thing will cost you a mint but it is the only true at-home laser hair removal system I''ve seen. It's rather odd to see things like this (and the dermaroller), things that were once only to be administered under the watchful eye of a trained professional, now moving into the private and not-very-regulated realm of the private home. Verdict? Best for dark hair, as is all laser hair removal.

We're sure there are hundreds of other crazy devices out there, especially in the Japanese beauty market, which we admire for it's creative and out-of-the-box thinking on beauty (collagen marshmellows? They could only be Japanese). Kiss and Makeup even has a wishlist of device they want someone to create! This list here is simply a taste of the mainstream offerings right now that caught our eye... weird and (sometimes) wonderful, indeed.