Plastic Makes Perfect?

Wendy Lewis

Honestly, enough already. Why should cosmetic surgery become a normal, non-taboo part of our lives? And why is this an aesthetic we're so happy to endorse? Taught, waxen faces, trout pouts, half melon boobs, pinned ears, surgically sculpted 'muscles', giving birth and a tummy tuck all-in-one, pectoral implants... the more 'gentle' fillers, plumpers, smoothers and host of other injectibles... It all leads back to one thing, I think, for the most part: youth and beauty being on par nowadays. And, sweetie, if there's one thing that you're not getting as you get older... it's younger. You can be young at heart but physically you won't cheat biology.

If surgery makes me look like this (the author of Plastic Makes Perfect), then count me out. I'll keep my bits in their natural place, thank you very much. Lewis touts surgery as a cure for unhappiness, but the stats claim that women who undergo plastic surgery are three times more likely to kill themselves than their non-surgically enhanced sisters. Not really the eightfold path, is it?

Even though Alex Kuczynski might be hard to stomach sometimes, her book, Beauty Junkies, is a better read on the plastic surgery epidemic than the Plastic Makes Perfect how-to manual that has just hit the shelves.