Tatty Devine, pretty personal accoutrement


Tatty Devine magpie broach

Have we told you how much we love Tatty Devine yet? If not... we do. Alot. Their new batch of jewellery is fantastic. Magpies and Cockatiels and rose puzzle pieces and all sorts that we know our friend at Wee Birdy's going to love. It's a sort of updated take on old-fashioned floral broaches and a bit of a new take on dandy cufflinks.


The yellow rose ones might be hard to pull off in the board room but, hell, if you're man enough, you can pull off anything. And there are loads of us no longer in, ahem, the office with all this economic fallout going on. And it's not as if I don't regularly see men pairing pink and purple ties and shirts (NB: NOT in America, home of the pleat-front chino and blue button down the, now disgraced, banker uniform).

They even do muy cool collaborations with the likes of Gilbert and George and Rob Ryan. See more pretty pieces below:

Tatty Devine rose earrings

Red rose puzzle piece studs

Tatty Devien rose cufflinks

Yellow rose puzzle piece cufflinks

Tatty Devine rose broach

Yellow rose puzzle piece broach