Scandinavian beauty buys

Norman Copenhagen

Scandinavian design (no, not speaking strictly of IKEA) holds a special place in my heart. The low-key and simple fashion, the functional yet highly designed items for daily life and the natural colour palette are reasons, among many others, it really is so spectacular.

SLOWFASHIONhouse, a new online space, is dedicated to just this sort of thing, from clothing to shoes and even a range of 'hyper organic' Danish beauty products, Nascent Organic (writing them up soon). All so sophisticated. No unnecessary packaging or brash attempts to capture attention.

Nascent Organic

Another shop we love, along with their quirky blog, is Norman Copenhagen. The products are brilliant, like a Danish version of Alessi. Check out the Norman Copenhagen website to peruse their products or to check out their blog, Spotted by Norman Copenhagen.

Check out SLOWFASHIONhouse here.

Want other Scandinavian beauty tips and tips about Scandinavian things that are beautiful?

Cult Beauty expert Linda Johansen is the go-to facialist for everyone in Norway, including visiting megastars. Finnish Marimekko's vintage fabrics are beautiful as are their Avon products (although we can't say they work as well as they look). Swedish Face Stockholm's Precision Eyeliner and various lipsticks are wicked. And Swedish HÃ¥kansson The Colors are great for concealing/enhancing your complexion, whatever the tone. Swedish Byredo scents are already launched in Barneys and soon to hit the UK.