Yarok Hair

Yarok hair serums

Being the US for so long now, I've come across a few new things. This brand (not so new now) seems pretty cool and to be following the trend in haircare for products that are more like skincare ranges than the traditional shampoo/conditioner/styling products triumvir for hair. Just the other day I noticed this brand Yarok is now on Puresha too so clearly its making its way across the pond to the UK.

The hero product(s) from this range are the hair serums... a few are colour-specific, there's one for after-sun, one for grey and a couple for men. Now, as someone who champions the use of oil in skincare and in my food, I'm surprisingly a bit skeptical about putting oil in my hair. It's as fine as a 3 year-old's and so straight that it's always oily within hours of washing it. That's probably why I've taken to wearing old fashion french twists and sweeping it up in hair combs instead of washing it every day.

However, I'm willing to give them a go. I like the way natural serums make my skin feel so why not give them a whirl on the hair?

You can get Yarok hair serums on Puresha in the UK and on the Yarok website in the US.