Peter Jones, Scents of Time at John Lewis today

A new range of scents are being launched today with public appearances by Dragons Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones. Perfumer David Pybus created a range of fragrances by reconstructing lost perfumes of the the past. Pretty unique idea...

Want to know what Cleopatra smelled like? Apparently, this guy has bottled it. By following around archeologists and historians he's created a catalogue of historical scents that are available for purchase on The British Museum online shop.

To be honest, I'm slightly jealous as we'd been talking about doing something like this for a while at CB. Ah well. Maybe there's scope in other areas to do something similar. Right. Nudging the green-eyed beast aside, here's a list of the historical olfactory gems he's unearthed thus far:

The Lost Scent of Pompeii, PYXIS; Tutankamen's aroma of intrigue, ANKH; The Sacred scent of Cleopatra, NENUFAR;

MAYA (pre-Columbian perfumes) and NIGHT STAR (affiliated with the RMS Titanic somehow) will launch in 2009. To find out the base notes and mainstream scents that are similar, just go to the FAQs on The Scents of Time website. You can even order samples to trial.

Anyway, we'll keep an eye out for the newcomers to this history lesson in a bottle.