Soap and Glory skin care

Marcia's at it again... Bliss, Fit Flops, Soap and Glory body care and now Soap and Glory skin care. Last week we asked to try the exfoliator and cleansing wipes (waiting on them at the moment), because we love both types of grooming products. The former because we like to exfoliate as much as we can, and, to be honest, it seems to be pretty good for the skin. Scarring is nearly non-existent because of it. And the latter because sometimes we're too, er, tired to take off make up the old-fashioned way. We'll let you know what we think. As you already know, their body scrub is superb... one of the best on the market so we hope the face scrub is as high quality.

Soap and Glory Skin Care

Soap and Glory Skin Care Poster

NB: Did you know LVMH owns the majority stake in Bliss? We didn't either, sneaky monkies... had us thinking it was a fun independent until that article in the Sunday Times revealed that, ages ago, Kilgore sold the majority stake for tens of millions. Digressions, digressions... here's a sneak peek of a few picks from the range, which, of coures, has names like Glow Job, Off Your Face, Mighty Mouth, Dr. Spot and Clean Mary.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We've just learned that Bliss is now owned by Starwood LLC... the guys who own hundreds of hotels around the world, including the W Hotels! Makes sense, though, since Bliss spas are in the W.]