Sophyto at Sustainability In Cosmetics

Sophyto founder Karen Sinclair-Drake is knackered today after the Sustainability In Cosmetics conference. It went very well and, yes, there will be more goss to follow... for now, just a quick summary of the who, what, why, when and where. Karen was invited to meet with the head of brand development for Estee Lauder (what do they want?!) and a small group of 45 industry people... very powerful folks in the cosmetics.

One chap, a Brit, oversaw some interesting projects for Aveda and a few others with Amazonian and African ingredients. It opened her eyes to some of the truly sustainable projects going on out there, with the small and the big guys. P&G, L'Oreal, Dow Corning, USDA (the US Department of Agriculture), the UK Soil Association, ECOCERT, etc. were in attendance and there was plenty of gossip with one of the naughty female delegates!