Grown skin care

We've searched high and low for information on this new skin care range called Grown but, alas, there seems to be no website (or at least no website that shows up in Google searches). The only information I can find comes from one of my favourite beauty sites from down under, Primped

Just this week they've written about this skin care range, created by a set of Aussie brothers. It's free from the usual nasties (animal by-products, SLS, parabens, artifical fragrances et al). The packaging looks decidedly like the lovechild of Aesop and Kiehl's. And maybe a touch of Philosophy-style branding as well?

In any event, the price point looks pretty okay (hand cream $24 in Aussie money so, what's that? 12 squids? Not bad). And I have no idea what sort of certifications it has or ingredient lists because I can't find them anymore. Another day perhaps.