The Billow by FitFlop

The Billow Winter FitFlopsIf you're a devotee of the FitFlop you'll be happy to see that, in two weeks, FitFlops with winter weather soles (and snuggly upper bits) will be on sale. They come in Carmel, Mushroom, Chocolate and Black so you'll look a much less silly than wearing moon boot-style white MBTs (which I had the misfortune to try on with drainpipe jeans on a sunny morning outside a trendy cafe on Bermondsey High Street. Some slick Italian tourists had a good laugh at my expense that morning). The Billow, as this style is called, looks a bit like a mini-Ugg. Generally, I'm not a huge fan of the ubiquitous Ugg but these look snuggly and enough like slippers to be part of my winter soft clothes wardrobe.

They'll set you back 38 squids, which is about half the price of a pair of Minnetonka moccasins. Not too terrible and, well, we'll need a bit of comfort if it's a cold and penniless winter, now won't we? We'll try out ours and let you know just how snuggly yet bum-firming they are. Softly softly...

[EDITOR'S NOTE: They're 88 squids NOT 38. I should wear my glasses more often. Still not insanely pricey though.]