Beauty icon: Wonder Woman

Diane Von Furstenberg Wonder Woman

Mayfair was abuzz last night with gallery private viewings and launches. We stepped out of the office for a bit to attend the launch of Diane Von Furstenberg's Wonder Woman collection on Bruton Street. Von Furstenberg was there with many other Muy Importante People like Erin O'Connor, Tracey Emin and Olivia Cole. We had champers and delicious nibbles while watching Lynda Carter on the TV screens (yes, I eat when at events and proud of it. Can't stand girls who look insulted by the site of canapes. Get a life).

As an aside, Von Furstenberg is a beauty icon too, ageing beautifully and gracefully, looking stunning in her skin and looking beautifully her age. And, funnily enough, last night, just feet away from the designer, stood what must have been the worst face lift I've ever seen on a woman clearly desperate to evade the hands of time at any cost. It's a no-brainer that Von Furstenberg looked miles better. Miles.

CNN did some great coverage on the launch of the range and Wonder Woman, pretty much doing all the research into our beauty icon du jour as they reported on the designer and her most recent muse, saying 'on the surface, the similarities are striking; they were both princesses born in the 1940s in a foreign land. Young and beautiful, the long-haired brunettes soon fell in love and followed their men to the United States where they built a reputation for steely determination and strength.'

Apparently Wonder Woman was 'created in 1941 during World War II by William Moulton Marston as a female alternative to the plethora of male action heroes who were saving the world in comic books of the day.'

The CNN piece goes on to say the DC comic book character 'was an Amazonian princess who left her home on Paradise Island to fight the "Axis powers" in the world of man. By day, she was Diana Prince who, with a quick spin, transformed into Wonder Woman, ready to destroy Nazi enemies, foil Japanese plots and expose international spy rings.' Sounds like a touch of Moulton's inspiration came from Hippolyte, Amazon warrior queen, doesn't it?

Love her red lips and flowing mane. Use Lipstick Queen Sinner, Nars Lip Crayon in Dragon Girl or MAC in Ruby Woo for the same lippy look.

Read CNN's article and stay tuned for more on beauty icon Wonder Woman.