Ojon hair care hits the UK

cult hair care brand that's been flying off the shelves of Sephora USA for some time now is finally coming to the UK. Ojon is stocked at Liberty of London and, lucky for you folks who don't happen to live within the ring road, Liberty now has a transactional e-commerce site so you can get the good stuff from the comfort of your living room in Dulwich, Dover or Durham. John Lewis online will have the stuff from February 2009 too. Why the hype? Ojon Oil itself, the central ingredient in the eponymous range, is high in Omega-3, -6 and -9 essential fatty acids and is super concentrated. And it's only grown and produced in a small region of Central America.

Here's the quick story behind the brand: Ojon was created by hair industry veteran Denis Simioni. Apparently, his wife's grandmother brought a jar of Ojon Palm Nut Oil from Honduras to their home whilst on a visit, and two years after said visit his wife happened across it and used it on her hair after it turned dry and brittle from swimming. After he saw the results they flew to Honduras, sought out the tribe that provided her grandmother with the oil and set about creating a cooperative of sorts to sustainably produce Ojon Oil (to which Ojon brand hair care has exclusive rights) and work directly with the tribe (also, apparently, know as the people of beautiful hair in their own language), sharing a portion of the profits with them and employing hundreds of producers and thousands of people in the region. The tribespeople have almost comically shiny, long, thick hair in the pictures on the Ojon website.

The range seems to be expanding at break-neck speed (it's both on QVC in America and in Sephora USA) so I'm curious as to how the tribespeeps can keep up the traditional manner of producing the oil at volumes large enough to meet popular demand.

It's a brand that most certainly inspires a fierce sense of loyalty in many of its users. If you want to see for yourself, Ojon is available at Liberty of London