The Balm: The new Benefit?

There're a slew of new retro cosmetics on the rise right now. We came across The Balm a few years ago when it first launched in the US and slowly it's blossomed into a minxy makeup line. It's growing presence in the US beauty market means the range has got to hit UK shores soon. It's not an exhaustive line yet, which is a good thing (more of a capsule collection, really, fitting neatly on an end display) and the products have the requisite (yet slightly more off-kilter) witty names (TimeBalm and Stainiac) of brands of this ilk. The Balm is definitely a first cousin of the the cheeky, kitschy Too Faced, Benefit, Jelly Pong Pong and DuWop.

The small size and independence of the brand makes me like it just that bit more. And their obession with pugs (and token lovely Lab) makes it that much more warm and fuzzy all over. Not many other beauty brands are tongue-in-cheek enough to put the mugs of ugly-cute pugs all over their website. Not even the ones that say they are. Most are just saucy and kitsch with a dash of sex but nothing as oddball as a love of wrinkly pups. How cool. Just look at Wheezie's Picks and you'll know what I mean. Plus, they do as they say, dedicating all proceeds from their vegan lip treatment to the flat-faced little cuties in the Pug Rescue. Check it all out. Oh yeah... and the products aren't half bad. Try the BalmShelter (with SPF17).