How many new prods does Benefit have?

Just weeks ago I espied Benefit Erase Paste in the pages of a magazine and then... wham! Talk to the tan hits the market, and mere months after the launch of three entire ranges, That Gal and god knows what else. It all seems too much in too short a time. Even if I did swear by Benefit cosmetics, there's not a snowball's chance in hell that I'd snap up all the new bumpf as quickly as it comes out.

Does anyone know figures on how many new products Benefit has put out in the last few years? I long for the days when it was a wee brand... the sad bit is some of the best stuff has been discontinued or the formula has been changed beyond all recognition. Sadness. Remember that Flamingo thingy for your legs? Amazing! Evened out the tone and gave them that sheen down the front of the calf that made them look inches longer. Or how about Dr. Feelgood circa 1990s? The stuff was magical... it now smells of chemical, isn't soft and doesn't make that much difference in the superifical appearance of the skin. Dr. Not-so-feelgood, I say. And I hate to point out the obvious, but most of the new products coming out are already done somewhere else (Stila, Bobbi Brown, etc.). There's nothing new, nothing innovative, and their product and branding innovation was the linchpin of their kitschy makeup empire.

Has anyone else noticed the breakneck speed at which Benefit is expanding not only its product range but its bricks-and-mortar presence as well... and does anyone else think the quality is sufferieng because of it? RIP Benefit of yore (a LiLo look-a-like on the lastest prod does not cute branding make (quite the contrary)... it is such a disconnect from the brand's original and much-loved identity). We'll always have Benetint, Bad Gal and Mr. Frosty!