American beauty #3: Beautyblender

If you haven’t seen this yet, you will soon. Beautyblender is already massive in the states and making its way eastwards. It's a fuchsia tear drop sponge which is resusable and meant to create a flawless finish to your makeup. As with all tools, I approached with caution. Fingers and saliva are generally the two best tools in makeup artistry. However, after I used it the first time, I stepped back from the mirror and my jaw dropped more noticeably than the Prime Minister's. It was an expert finish. My skin looked amazing and you couldn't see the makeup AT ALL, which is usually the downside of using your fingers when you've got a bit of downy hair in places.

This sponge was created by makeup artists for makeup artists and it's clear to see why. The shape is conducive to blending well on all contours of the face and the porous yet smooth texture makes it easy to blend light and heavy makeup whether the sponge is damp or dry. It's tough too... I've mercilessly washed it 5 times in 3 days and it looks as good as new.

If you’re going to spend the dosh on tools, spend it on something long-lasting and effective instead of those rectangular drugstore sponges. With recession chic quickly taking the place of mindless spending, it's best to spend once and reuse. No more of this throwaway culture. That's tacky and environmentally negligent anyway... move onto investment pieces across all areas and make do and mend! Our nans would be proud.