Jo Wood Everyday Organics

The launch for Jo Wood's new range, Everyday Organics, went off a treat last night (more on that in a later post). For now, we want to tell you about one of her salt scrubs, which has made it into our list of top body scrubs.
WHY: All day long my skin had the most pleasant scent after using this in the morning. Didn't even need perfume (which means it probably not for those with a sensitivity to scent. Parfum is a prominent ingredient). Plus full of Dead Sea salts, Jojoba, Apricot and Grape Seed oils, has recyclable packaging and certified organic.
WHEN/WHERE: A few times a week in the shower should do the trick (mind you, wash the oil from the basin if you don't want the next person in line to break his/her neck).
HOW: I prefer it on dry skin... scoop a small handful out of the tub and starting with the tops of your feet, scrub in a circular motion up the legs, over the bum, torso, chest (mind the nipples) shoulders and then do the hands and work up your arms back towards your shoulders.

Whilst at the Jo Wood Everyday launch, CB's partner-at-large was sat next to Ronnie and Jo who, along with looking like a loved up new couple in the corner, were looking very healthy. Despite Ronnie's days of debauchery, he's obviously doing something right as his skin was glowing (thank to the wife's skincare efforts, perhaps?).

What a great advert for the range, really, two glowing faces like that. What I would really like to see is if Jo could do the same skincare voodoo on the weathered mug of Keith Richards. If so, it would be enough to convert a nation to Jo Wood Organics.