American Beauty #2: The New London Pharmacy

If you go nowhere else while you're in Manhattan, go to this Chelsea spot. New York City is a labyrinth of beauty and it’s pretty much impossible not to unearth new gems every single visit, this trip proving to be rather fruitful. Meeting the lovely Louise Galvin at the Carlyle, having tea at The 3 Custom Color studio, getting a tip from a local mate about Golan at Mark Garrison’s salon, shopping for Native American tooth powder in Health and Harmony and… happening across the best chemist I’ve ever wandered into. All this happended on leap day, an extra day, free day to as you will and it was packed with more good things that the entire week before it. It look forward to the next one in four years' time.

So why do we love the New London Pharmacy? Let us count the ways… not least of all because they’re the only place in America where Organic Glam is available or that they carry everything from Aesop to Yu-Be and everything in between (Neal’s Yard, Santa Maria Novella, This Works, Creative Nail Design, Becca, Louise Galvin, Annick Goutal, Dr. Brandt, Jane Iredale, Hierbas de Ibiza, Proraso, Talika, Terax… the list is endless). They also stock superlatively obscure singular products, like Swedish birch bark soap-on-a-rop and Lebanese hand cream.

Must buy: the triple-milled (twice) house soap called Savon Orange Verte. It's made by one of the most trad Provencal soapmakers, complete with hand-crafted fragrance from Grasse. And Organic Glam at American prices.

What sets it apart from the competition: The owners make a point to single-handedly source products from all over the world and Europe in particular. If you’ve a hankering for something from the home counties, you’ll probably find it here. And they still provide traditional pharmacy services since owners Abby and John Fazio are both licensed pharmacists and enlisted a crack team of doctors. Their medical mission it to give the 'maximum health-care benefits through traditional medical services, homeopathy, and natural remedies, or a combination of all three. The core of our success is inspiration, education, and a value driven mission that continues on a daily basis.' I think their non-medical mission is to stock the most amazing range of beauty and grooming brands this side of the Atlantic.

Europeans and Brits, if you feel the least bit homesick whilst travelling in NYC, all you have to do is stop into the New London Pharmacy and you'll feel like you're right at home in your high street chemist.