Corpse cream

Benefit's come out with Erase Paste, a diminutive pot of super-pigmented concealer that is to work wonders on undereye circles. The thing is, Stila had the exact same product out when I was at Uni... it was the sort of underground product secretly passed on from friend to friend that so many of my American friends swore by (maybe that's why it was discontinued... so effective that many friends could share one pot). One lot at Cornell called it Corpse Cream because it was that good at concealing undereye circles. Unfortunately, for a few years there it disappeared off the shelves but nostalgia for the concealer that once was should give way to sheer excitement (and relief) that it's available again in Stila online's Vintage section. Stila eye concealer is still, in my book, the best and a cult item that's so underground I bet it's stil unheard of in the UK.