Cool trend: Matte nails

There are some nail trends that make us think WTF... honestly, yellow nails? Looks like decades' old nicotine stains. Blue nails? Okay but probs not in the office. Reverse french manis? Great but look like hell when they start to chip. What trend do we want to see more of? Matte nails... it started to take off last fall and we're hoping for a comeback. Man Glaze does a matte silver that looks like brushed metal and a bit last season if you follow that thing. The matte black might be a good one for fall/winter 2008. I wish there were a matte white, although I guess you could always use Tipex if you really want to do that look. The colour we'd really start wearing varnish for (right now we're buffed nails-only)... a lush matte red. That would convert us. Teresa Smith of Nails At Work is now doing manis with the ManGlaze mattes.