Beauty trend: cosmetics for mums-to-be

We sort of like the idea that maybe companies want to create something that's safe for mums-to-be to slap on. After all, if you can't eat something as innocuous as sushi, chances are that at-home hair dye ain't going to make the grade either during your 3 trimesters.

The lastest in this trend is Beaute de Maman. The best thing is the prods are created to deal with the hormonal fluxuations and physiological changes too. It's also created by a female obstetrician. We haven't tried the products ourselves but visit this space for more developments on this trend in the months to come. We've already got Mama Mio, Cowshed and a slew of others but we're interested to see how far the trend will go... not just stretch mark cream but maybe a face cream that helps with acne and soothes morning sickness with its fragrance, etc.?