Cult scent and beauty: Rossy de Palma

Rossy de Palma

I remember first seeing Rossy de Palma in Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown... I was told by my teacher that she was considered a great beauty in Spain and frankly couldn't believe it. Blessed with an equine protrusion of a beak, angular features and a diminutive mouth, she resembles Picasso's cubist paintings of Dora more than a flesh-and-bones beauty icon. But with the passing of time and my abandonment of adolescent ideas about what is and is not beauty, I've started to understand what they see in her. It's more than skin deep, the extent to which our media-led beauty delves (tan, white teeth, hair extensions, tit implants, plumped lips, fake lashes? That apparently does a beauty make, according to western media). She's a character and a very unique one at that, which makes her beautiful in the best of unconventional ways.

So we sort of find the new Etat Libre d'Orange perfumed named after her fitting. It's an unusual scent, heavy but not overpowering. Although it smells of rose, it doesn't smack of my nan's dusting powder. It's spicier with notes of ginger. It's musky and lovely and although not a huge fan of the entire range, I personally love Etat Libre d'Orange's branding and this scent in particular. If you like a slightly wayward rose scents, then you'll probably like this.