Beauty trends S/S 08: Cloud Hair

S/S 08 shall be the season of Cloud Hair. All of you who've spent years surgically attached to your Ghd tongs and Frizz Ease can now step away from the appliances let it all hang out naturally. Frizzy looks good. Just push a couple of pins into the hair at the nap of your neck for a suitably street urchin/Helena Bonham Carter look. Those of you with poker-straight/flat/fine hair like myself, you're pretty much screwed as with most trends (even straight. No one wants straight and flat... straight and full, yes. Hair like a 6 year-old? Nah). But if you wash with just shampoo (no conditioner. It is the arch nemisis of deflated hair. Don't listen to its siren call in the shower), let it air dry use small-to-medium hot rollers, or wrap damp locks around those spongy rollers your nan used and sleep in them. Then brush until it's all fluffy. You'd be the envy of the entire brat pack with such fluffy flyaways. Run your fingers through and leave loose or pin or sweep to one side and pin.... whatever really. Just leave out a few rogue wisps and let it all fall a bit around your face. Messy. Sexy. Can wear it for days without a wash. I give you Cloud Hair:

Cloud Hair