Our favourite spring makeup: city Geisha

So, there was a wee little blurb on Geisha Neon makeup as the look to wear now in the Sunday Times Style this past weekend, which I found rathering heartening and frustrating. Heartening because I love the look and frustrating because they beat me to the punch and once cool looks like this are mainstream it's a bit harder to pull them off. Although, that said, it's hard to pull off such a look, mainstream or not:

Geisha Girl Eyes

Case in point? I rocked up at The Frontline Club's spring do on Friday night rocking neon Geisha-style eye makeup. And I was stood alone for an hour as my friend was held up. My eyes were rimmed in black, complete with liquid liner and DiorShow Blackout Mascara. I also had very pink/red blush along with some colourful Smashbox eyeshadow radiating out from my lids over my temples and on the upper cheekbone, gently blended in at the edges on the upper cheeks and just about halfway under the lower lash line. Let's just say it didn't exactly get a warm reception.

Although, looking back, it never was going to get more than extended, confused stares in a room of foreign correspondent types, was it? It's probably more suited to East End nights out (which I don't really do so it'll probably just be worn in my house whilst I bake from now on), but it was fun to have a go... and I just might muster the courage to give it another go in a more suitable environment.

This look works beautifully on the runway (as seen at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week on the Akira catwalk as done by Natasha Severino for Shiseido) and translates well into real life if you tone it down a bit and make sure that it's at least dusk before you emerge from the house wearing it.

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